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Crude Oil Refining Machine

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Introduction of our edible oil refining equipment
1>. Palm oil mill have main ten parts: Reception Station,Sterilizer,Threshing,Press,Clarification, Kernel Recover, power station, boiler station, water treatment plant, oil storage tank.

2>. We use the Fresh Fruit Bunch, because the palm fruit rancidity is very fast, if the rancidity will be influence the palm crude oil acid value, if the acid value is very high, the refining efficiency will drop.

3>. Generally speaking, The palm fruit processing plant is best away from the palm orchard.

Main parts of our edible oil refining equipment
1>. Reception Station:
Used for loading palm fruit brunch from plantation,transport to sterilizer. Reception station adopt steel structure and concrete structure. Save equipment cost and construction cost.Have hydraulic control system, hydraulic door open/off automatic achieve continuous operation. Reduce operator, operate more easily and improve work efficiency.

2>. Sterilizing Tank:
The sterilizing tank uses direct steam to process, which can reduce activity of the enzyme,prevent the rancidity, ensure the good quality of the crude oil. At the same time, it is good for the threshing process.

3>. Threshing station:
Fresh palm fruits separate from bunches by thresher rotary drum rotating. Palm fruits are conveyed to digester by elevator.Empty bunches are coveyed out of factory by scraperconveyor. Thresher shaft uses once forging technology. The equipment is stronger and has longerlife. At the same time, our company developes nonshaft thresher drived by chain. In this way, it reduces power loss and saves production cost.

4>. Pressing station:
After sterilizing, the broken palm fruit flow into the palm oil press machine to pressing. Oil and water mixture outflow from pressing chamber shell hole, in the same time, the fiber cake and core was discharged from bonehead clearance and then drop in the packing anger of broken cake.

5>Fiber, cake, shell and kernel separation system:
Fiber cake was dropped into packing auger, use interrupted blade to break up the palm cake, evaporate the palm cake constantly during the transportation, and the enter into the fiber and core separation machine. Use induced draft system which compose of draught fan and wind net to transport fiber to boiler room to burn. Palm core of large proportion drops into the bucket elevator from the other side of the fiber and core separating machine and then to transport to the core charging bucket to dry.

6>Clarification system:
Use vibrated sifting filter to remove residues like fiber in the crude palm oil, then the oil enter into the passivating tank.There are indirect and direct steam in the passivating tank. After passivation, palm oil and water mixture are banished to the highorder position tank and then flow into the clarification tank.Clarified oil flow into the oil tank, use disc separator to remove water in oil and then use plate heat exchanger to eliminate the residual water completely.After vacuum drying, the oil flow into net oil tank and then feed into the final-product oil tank


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