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Industrial Microwave Convection Oven

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Industrial Microwave Convection Oven Material that needs to be dried, slips from the feed bin and feed into the cylinder, which is pushed back by the spiral plate. Due to the tilting of the Industrial Microwave Convection Oven, the material flows to the back end under the action of gravity and rotation. On the other hand, the material is repeatedly picked up by the copying board, and is taken to the upper end and then continuously sown, so that the material is uniformly formed in the cylinder. The curtain is fully exchanged with the hot airflow in the cylinder. As the material is repeatedly spread, the moisture contained is gradually dried to achieve the purpose of drying.
Industrial Microwave Convection Oven is broadly divided into: Swing Industrial Microwave Convection Oven, Drum Industrial Microwave Convection Oven, Industrial Dryer.
Industrial Microwave Convection Oven's scope of application: rotary drum dryers are widely used in food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other industries. The working process of the equipment is as follows: after the dehydrated wet material is added to the dryer, the material is uniformly dispersed in the dryer and fully contacted with the hot air in the dryer, and the drying heat transfer and mass transfer are accelerated. In the drying process, the material is discharged under the action of the inclined plate and the hot temper, and the star discharge valve is discharged to the other part of the dryer. The machine is suitable for the drying of various kinds of slag materials with water content less than 85%, such as beer grains, bean dregs, sprayed corn husk, coal slurry, pomace, etc., which is good for opening up feed resources, reducing feeding cost and reducing environmental pollution. effect.
Industrial Microwave machine's main export products are vibration drying equipment, vacuum drying equipment, small and medium-sized food, food and agriculture and forestry products drying equipment, the annual export volume exceeds several hundred, the main export areas are Southeast Asia and other developing countries. And has opened the door to the European and American markets.

The Industrial Microwave Oven consists of a rotating drum that is driven by a belt with hot air around the drum to evaporate moisture. The drying cylinder of Jianxing Machinery Industry Dryer adopts the principle of positive and negative drum rotation to achieve the non-winding effect of drying articles. The initial industrial dryer has been eliminated in China, and modern drying is computer automatic control. Different drying temperatures and drying times can be configured according to different drying requirements. The drum is made of stainless steel bright plate with excellent heat resistance, and the inner wall is smooth, which can reduce the wear of the clothes. The high-efficiency radiator is equipped with a reasonable air intake duct to make the hot air directly contact with the material, which greatly improves the drying efficiency and saves energy. The large diameter inlet port facilitates the entry and exit of materials. The large area of the plush collection net is not easy to cause the clogging of the plush, which protects the smooth flow of the air passage, thereby greatly improving the drying efficiency.
Operation Process -- Industrial Microwave Convection Oven
1. Open the door and rotate the dewatered material evenly in the drum, then close the door.
2. According to the type of fabric, select the appropriate time and adjust the timing device to the required time.
3. Press the start button to start the fan. According to the user's needs, the direction of rotation of the drum can be selected from one-way rotation and two-way rotation. As long as the computer board switch is turned to one-way or two-way, the machine will perform one-way operation or two-way operation as required. (for 25 seconds, stop for 5 seconds, reverse 25)
4. Always look at the flipping of the inner fabric from the observation window. If the accident is found, the power should be cut off and the fault should be checked.
5. When the machine runs to the specified time, the machine will automatically stop running. At this time, the operator must open the door to check the drying condition of the inner fabric. If the effect is not achieved, the time can be extended appropriately.
Installation technical editor
Industrial Microwave Convection Oven is one of the main equipments in mineral processing equipment. The installation requirements are technical and the process standard is high. The installation work should be carried out according to the relevant design documents, drawings, standard specifications and procedures, according to the accurate installation procedures and the homework instructions. Construction.

First, the preparatory work before the Industrial Microwave Convection Oven:
1. Basic acceptance: Mainly check the quality and size position deviation of the foundation concrete: the appearance requires that the foundation surface is clean, free from oil, dust, debris, no steel bars exposed, no cracks and corners, no residual shell plates in the intended hole. And other casting defects. For the basic size and position deviation should meet the following requirements: shape size and basic coordinate position, vertical and horizontal axis error is less than 20mm. Different plane elevation error is less than 20mm, only promised negative does not agree positive; slope error total length is less than 20mm The discharge end promises not to be positive; the upper plane is not flatter than 5mm/m, and the total length is less than 10mm.
2. Equipment acceptance: Check the parts packing list, parts and components, random files, etc. according to the equipment packing list provided by the dryer manufacturer, check whether there are any faults, deformations, damages, etc., and make a record. In order to purchase or prepare before installation. Remove the protective coating and dust, oil, rust, etc. during the packaging, check the damage caused by the repair during the loading and unloading process. Pre-test the parts and joint fittings. And pre-assembly to avoid rework during installation work, to ensure the installation progress and installation quality.
3, Commercial Microwave Ovens installation process:
Basic installation procedures. Develop parts cleaning and inspection, transportation lifting in place, assembly inspection, adjustment test operation and other work sequences and contents. Installation process method. Prepare detailed inspection installation methods and quality for important parts or hub parts. Requirements, technical scale, range of deviation, required tooling tools, etc. Safety technical requirements. In the preparation of assembly work, safety measures must be taken to avoid possible accidents, command in lifting work, installation and operation procedures at the hub, special Pay attention to matters, etc.. Hidden dangers and preventive measures for accidents such as homework, electrical circuits, and pipelines.

Commercial Microwave Ovens is a commonly used machine for drying large quantities of material. The materials to be dried are mostly sent to the hopper by belt conveyor or bucket elevator, and enter the feeding end through the feeding tube. Generally, the inclination of the feeding tube is greater than the natural oblique angle of the material, so that the material can smoothly flow into the rotary dryer. .

Commercial Microwave Ovens is optimized to save investment, reduce operating costs, ensure product quality and maximize economics. The ideal selection of the dryer must be based on the user's own conditions and material factors, in order to find the most suitable model for their materials. The following are the general principles for the selection of drying equipment:
1. It is best to make the drying experiment of the material before the selection, and to understand the drying device that has been used in similar materials, which is often helpful for proper selection. applicability.
2. The drying device with simple structure, sufficient spare parts supply, high reliability and long service life is preferred.
3, Commercial Microwave Ovens must first be able to apply to specific materials, and meet the basic requirements of dry materials, including the ability to handle materials well, and can meet the basic requirements of processing capacity, dehydration, product quality.
4. Low operating costs. Equipment depreciation, energy consumption, labor costs, maintenance costs, spare parts costs and other operating costs should be as low as possible.
5. Low energy consumption. Different drying methods have different energy consumption indexes. Generally, the thermal efficiency of conductive drying can reach 100% theoretically, and convection drying can only be about 70%.
6, in line with environmental requirements, good working conditions, high security.
7. Save investment. The drying device that performs the same function sometimes has a very different cost, and should be selected as the lower one.
8. High drying rate. As far as the drying rate is concerned, the material is highly dispersed in hot air during convection drying, has a low critical moisture content, a fast drying speed, and is also convectively dried. The drying method has different critical moisture contents, and thus the drying rate is also different. Raymond Mills Raymond Mills Raymond Machines Mills Cement Mills Raymond Mills
Market Development----Commercial Microwave Ovens
With China's accession to the WTO and its gradual integration with the world economy, in the context of economic globalization, China's industrial continuous microwave oven enterprises have promoted a large number of independent knowledge based on their excellent technical equipment development strength, high-quality technical services and good business reputation. The general contracting, complete equipment and technology export business of cement, glass and new building materials with property rights grew rapidly

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