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President's Message

Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in the IPRAS activities and services 37,000 Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons, 35,000 residents in training, 30,000 Hand Surgeons, 1,000 Micro Surgeons and 1,000 Burn Specialists from 99 nations are united in IPRAS.

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery is a young and innovative specialty. Due to the rapid development of microsurgery, we now have the chance to cure patients with large defects such as transplantation of the limb and face. Training in aesthetic surgery is inseparably related to reconstructive surgery. This is why many European nations only allow plastic surgeons to perform aesthetic surgery.

With great joy, we present the humanitarian work of IPRAS. The majority of our members are involved in charitable projects: they spend their vacations doing volunteer work in third world countries. IPRAS has a new initiative, Women for Women that aims to supply help by female surgeons to patients suffering from disfiguring and socially excluding sequalae of trauma that often occurs out of ethnic or social traditions or typical environmental conditions that women in several countries are subjected to.

Membership in an IPRAS-recognized society means an obligation to practice our high ethical standards.

Wherever you go for your plastic surgery, you are in good hands with IPRAS members.

General Secretary

IPRAS President